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New anti-trafficking resources for financial services professionals.

Why human trafficking?

Human trafficking enslaves 40.3 million people worldwide. You have the power to disrupt the $150 billion that flows to traffickers, and end this global crisis. Your critical weapon is data.

In 2019, Enigma will be partnering with ACAMS, Polaris, law enforcement, and leading financial institutions to launch STAT, a platform to advance the fight against Human Trafficking through collaboration. In advance of that launch, we've assembled the most useful anti-trafficking resources for financial services.

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Build your data expertise with curated reports, tools, and materials.

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Coming in 2019: STAT platform for cross-sector collaboration.

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Assess your anti-human trafficking initiatives

Self-assess the different components of your company’s strategy to combat trafficking with our Maturity Model. Explore relevant resources to understand your opportunities to improve your institution’s trafficking efforts across each stage.

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Explore what public data reveals about labor trafficking in the U.S.

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Coming soon: STAT

Request access to STAT, a platform launching in 2019 from ACAMS, Polaris, and Enigma to facilitate secure collaboration between financial institutions, non-profits, and law enforcement.

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