Stage 3 | Collaboration

Join Anti-Trafficking Working Groups

Attend Anti-Trafficking Specific Conferences:

  • Thomson Reuters Foundation Trust Conference: Attend the annual human rights forum committed to finding real solutions to fight slavery, empower women, and advance human rights worldwide. The annual event convenes 600 delegates from the worlds of activism, civil society, law, government and business in London for two full days of inspiration, networking, and action.
  • McCain Institute Human Trafficking Symposium: Attend annual event to increase awareness about human trafficking and spark dialogue that connects practitioners across the movement – from political leaders, to survivors, to academics, to nonprofit founders.

Join human trafficking-focused working groups to partner closely with other committed leaders from FIs and beyond to share experiences and develop targeted practices to end the crime.

Become Leaders:

  • Join the Mekong Club Association: Receive access to the Association tools, expert training, and industry-specific working groups. Meet regularly to learn, share best practices, and network with other like-minded professionals from leading international companies.
  • Join the Thomson Reuters Foundation to participate in multi-stakeholder working groups.
  • Join Stop the Traffik Partners to share intelligence and access insights from technology, media, and financial services partners.
  • Join Liberty Shared to learn how to incorporate counter-trafficking initiatives within your organization.

Register for STAT, the digital typologies platform, to receive access to industry-leading typologies.

*This list should not be considered exhaustive and will continue to be updated.