Stage 2 | Policy

Train Your Team to Spot Human Trafficking

Leverage training courses and seminars developed for FI staff to focus the workforce’s attention on human trafficking and improve policies to catch and combat trafficking.

  • ACAMS Complimentary Training: Access free web seminars to help meet training goals. Expert speakers present the latest AML trends and challenges and offer immediate solutions to incorporate into your compliance program.
  • Stop the Traffik Awareness Courses for Business: Leverage bespoke awareness-raising training, supply chain risk analysis, and guidance to businesses and financial institutions on how best to address risks.
  • The Mekong Club Tools by Businesses for Businesses: Use tools developed by sector-specific or cross-sector working groups to address specific goals within a company’s anti-slavery strategy. These tools help you to: understand modern slavery; assess and mitigate risk; become a leader; enhance policy and procedures; and maintain skills with ongoing access to training.
  • Liberty Shared Typology Webinars: Join these sector-specific educational webinars to learn more about indicators of trafficking in specific sectors like U.S. H2B Visa holders, illegal fishing, and ivory traffickers.